Bookmarks playing up

Mac Mini running core, Pi as endpoint, android tablet as control. Can also use the Mac Mini as control.

I have a few bookmarks set up. One is for my Classical Box Set genre. Using the Mac mini as control this shows 69 entries. On the tablet it only shows16 entries. Total number of albums is the same on both. Some of the other (genre based) bookmarks are the same on both controls, some different.

Anyone got a. Idea what’s going on

Thanks, Phil


Hey @Phil_Wright1 – I would check your Settings.

Genre settings are “display settings” meaning they simply control which data is displayed, and they are set per device, so it’s possible you have different settings on the two devices.

Note that this has caused confusion in the past and is changing in 1.3. Going forward, genre preferences will be library level preferences, as opposed to device level display settings.

Thanks, you were right the settings were different on each device.

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