Books and magazines (1600)disappeared from ipad pro 12.9


Since the last roon update all my 1600 Books and
Magazines disappeared from my ipad pro 12.9 library.
Roon needed 33 GB for the data before the update and only
1 GB After the update. Core is on a SSD in a QNAP- TS-673.
How is that possible. Even a friend of mine lost Books and magazines after the update,but not all. I can reinstall the Books but the great and expansive magazines are lost.
I am Very angry about that.

This should be looked at more closely by support, but you did not open a support ticket. Are you not sure what the cause was? QNAP, Synology & Co are just patched again. Do you know this?

I am guessing here. But when ios doesn’t has enough space on the device left, it asks Apps to “cleanup”. Some Apps cleanup downloaded data (it depends where the app is saving the data). Installing or Updating an App requires additional space that is cleaned after it is done. It’s the same for Android by the way… So when the space is near the end you might “loose” downloaded data.

No that is not the reason, because there was 50 GB space on the ipad. The same happened to
a friend of mine who lost not all but several books and magazines. Roon needed 34 Gb space before update and only 1 GB after update. He needed 13 GB befor update and uses now 300 MB. What is the
reason for that?

I am no ios user. On an update the App-Cache is likely to be cleared. So the usage will increase over time again.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if it becomes available again?
The books are not stored on the iOS device from memory, but are downloaded from the Roon server as needed.
The situation with the image cache is a bit different though as that seems like it has changed with the latest release

Are these just general ebooks or CD booklets

Why would Roon have any interest in booki can’t see ios deleting content without enquiry first and agreement ?

That is not the reason. I have made No update With ipad and i had a lot of space and No cloud. 13 GB Books and 33 GB for the roon app. After update No Books and magazines and roon app Has only 1 GB. Same With a friend of mine

Apple deletes No content but roon app needed only 1 GB after update. No Covers. Only eBooks and magazines were
in the library. 13 GB Books and roon app needed 33 GB space

Agreed, you are guessing, the operating system doesn’t allow other apps to “interfere” with existing apps & stored data. It will warn the user that there is insufficient space and stop the install/update.
It’s unlikely that the Roon update has done anything with the OP’s data though not impossible.

The OP needs to raise a support ticket to establish what role, if any, Roon had in the problem.

This is likely to be completely irrelevant and there’s a good chance that the timing of problem is coincidence. But as @Uwe_Albrecht mentioned you should consider raising a support ticket so that the logs can be checked & the next course of action established. Don’t forget. the “accused” is innocent until proven guilty. :wink: