Bookshelf speaker recommendation

I’ve recently moved to the world of Roon and bluesound, having graduated up from a ten year old Sonos system. Have to say that so far I’m loving it - the sound quality is night and day different and the Roon app is just brilliant.

I thought I’d got all the kit I needed but a change of plans in our upcoming house renovation means I’ll need to look at adding another end point. The plan is to use a node2 with an existing power amp so I’ll be needing some speakers.

Can anyone give a recommendation for some good quality bookshelf speakers? They will need to sit on some shelves rather than stands and will be pretty close to the wall. The room is an open plan living/dining/kitchen space of around 45sqm. I won’t really have much need for mega loudness but would like as good quality sound as possible. Budget would be upto £1000

I love the Kef LS50, read also the reviews on the Kef website.


How do the LS50’s perform on shelves? Seems almost criminal to put them on shelves :wink:

@owain_thomas consider putting whatever speakers you do get on some mini stands like the IsoAcoustic models. I have a pair for my desk setup (switching between Adam A5’s and Kef X300A’s. They are revelatory. You can either use them in 8inch high mode or 3inch. Ideal for small space setups.

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Ha, i use the same IsoAcoustic stands on my desktop.
Sounds great!

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Audiovector QR1

Focal Aria 906 sound great when matched with the right amp. Nearly went for these, but opted for some front-ported floor standers that can sit real close to my bookcase.

Thanks guys, some great suggestions.

Those Audiovectors look very interesting, do you have a pair, jobseeker?

I don’t yet, but they’re on my list for a little project

PSB Image Mini

For anyone REALLY strapped for space and needing an excellent sound for low budget, consider the IK Multimedia Micro Monitors. By far the best speaker purchase I’ve made. They sound on par with Adams and Kefs i have, for SQ, not overall power of course. Literally unbelievably good for their size and weight, and work really well close to wall.