Boolean search logic? (AND between Tags) [Implemented in Roon 1.8]

I’ve +1’d this request in another thread, so I’ll do it again here as this would be an extremely useful feature.

+1 for this feature. Much needed

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I think one reason they have not fully implemented this is because they know it won’t work until database performance is improved. I have jury-rigged my own Boolean tag usage (there are ways…it works with minus (-) tags) and with any decent amount of tagged objects it is dirt slow and unusable on a pretty powerful core machine.

I think it goes deeper than that, it’s about a design architecture that didn’t cater for these outlandish requirements. Retrofitting is a b_tch, so ignore or defer.

They mention object oriented architecture a bit - which is a pit in which lots of data has been lost. Maybe they need to find an old timer that knows about relational architecture.

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So, I’m hitting a roadblock, and skimming this thread I think I’m in the right spot. I’m trying show albums that only share 2 specific tags. Doesn’t seem like this is possible?

You skimmed too quickly…

I posted a précis here

Thanks for posting the work around. I appreciated it.

Jason, I’ve been able to get this to work but the queries generally are quite slow. I have a pretty fast core and it still takes minutes for results to return. Good luck!

Actually an OO db is perfect for the kind of data that Roon manipulates and it’s certainly possible to implement very efficient searching in that kind of system. These databases also don’t have the index and statistics maintenance overheads of an RDBMS.

In a previous life I worked as a software dev for a company that produced a UML modelling tool and we used an OO db to manage both model data and metadata in near real time (it had to feed a responsive UI directly) and it was orders of magnitude faster than an RDBMS would have been on the same data structure. Some of our competitors proved it by trying to use an RDBMS in similar tools and they were painfully slow on large datasets.

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There is really no need to take this discussion into the realms of comparing exotic features of different database architectures - if it was me that started, I apologise. Roon fails to deliver simple things at a basic level with a relatively tiny amount of data. A search for Beethoven Piano Concerto should not return a Mozart Violin Concerto, whatever the underlying data model is. Also users should be able to construct reasonable queries in some kind of language or with some kind of wizard or with some set of facilities. They can’t. Not good enough. Other products like J River do a lot better, and have done so for years. It can’t be difficult if you know what your are trying to do.


Does Roon presently have a way to filter views using and/or conditions?


Does it significantly impact the manner in which a library can be explored?


Does Roon offer a viable workaround?


End result:
Roon imposes limitations on how a user might choose to explore music. No amount of ML is going to overcome that.

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+1 for Boolean searches.

Also, the ability to easily combine Tags and Genres in a Boolean search.

Too bad , but I have to agree with this poster -

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I actually don’t disagree that there is a missing functionality. There are a bunch of them in Roon.
But if the use case is broad enough to warrant development, it should be implemented in a way that suits the broader community AND is consistent with the overall UI.
I admit typing AND in a search string isn’t too much a stretch. Some people would use it, and most of them would be able to figure it out.
My objection is going down the path of implementing functions in ways that are either butt-ugly or are simply a crutch to not being creative about how to do it. Folder browsing is an example. Cluttered search screens would be another.
There have got to be better ways of giving these functions.


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