Bootleg Albums not showing under Artist

I noticed that one of my Fleetwood Mac albums was not showing under Artist view - I checked both Overview and Discography. Noticed that it was marked as ‘Yes’ for ‘Bootleg’ so I changed to ‘No’ and the album appeared under Overview.

I have 19 other albums which have ‘Bootleg’ set to ‘Yes’. None of them appear under ‘Overview’ but they can be found by either (a) filtering Albums using Focus or (b) searching for the album title. Interestingly, 15 of the 19 are shown as identified and some, rather ironically, are official releases, for example:


Hey @DuckSoup,

Thanks for reporting this and sharing the images that you have - it paints a clear picture of what’s happening.

At the moment, bootleg albums (either marked as or identified by Roon as) will not appear on the Overview view. You should be able to find them on the Discography view.

Sorry about that :nerd_face:

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