Bored with Roon radio, keeps picking the same small group of artists

Maybe because of my seed song, which is an artist on the ECM label, but the radio keeps going back to the same songs and artists from ECM. They have probably hundreds of artists but it keeps cycling through the same half dozen or so and even the same albums and songs from those same artists. Yes, it picks others, but keeps going back to the same small pool.

One reason, probably the only reason I signed up for Roon, is the radio function so I can hear music that is new to me from Tidal and Qobuz… At first I was very happy with it, but if this is the norm I am wasting my money to keep hearing the same stuff again and again.

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Maybe you can try to lend Radio a hand,

Why not playing 5 to 160 songs of other ECM artists manually ( or in short playlis) and see (listen) what Radio will bring up next?

Helps proving humans are still (a little bit) smarter than computers (in most areas).

Hope it helps

Are you familiar with the algorithm so that you know this will change how it proceeds or just guessing/hoping?

thanks for the input

Do you use the same song all the time?

Try using a starting point by an artist that has never been chosen by radio.

No knowledge at all.
Neither guessing, nor hoping.
Suggestion to test in a way you maybe, just maybe, have not done yet.

Trying to find workaround for problems I encounter, has very often helped me to narrow down the problem , whilst not being an matter expert. And sometimes, I did found a workaround to.

Just ignore me if you feel even moe frustrated by my well-intended responses

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The algorithm as I understand it picks up on what others have played that also played the seed song. If the roon public generally keep within a set of artists/songs that the seed song contains then radio will be constrained too.
Roon radio is also aimed at being conservative in its choices.
Rather than seeding with a song try an artist instead as that might widen it up a bit.

∑Sting+Cocker-Prince>Jackson•{Joel}= Britney Spears

It must be something like this. If you don’t like Britney, you have to do something about the rest. But I don’t know what, sorry.


Perhaps you could explain what your post means?

I was trying to be funny. Ignore my post.

I had this problem. You can see in advance which tracks are being picked by radio. Give the repetitive ones the thumbs down and new suggestions that you haven’t heard, the thumbs up.
By doing this you can steer Radio onto a different course.

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