Bose Soundbar using Airplay

At the moment I do not have Roon playing through my normal HiFi system. So, as a temporary measure I am using my Bose SoundTouch 300. (Soundbar and Subwoofer) It is connected to my network, as is my Nucleus. The Nucleus is hardwired, but the Bose Soundbar is WiFi.

In Nucleus settings > Audio> It shows the Bose Soundtouch Soundbar connected via ‘Airplay’. Why is that? Why is it not on the same network as the Roon core?


Hello @DJM

Your Soundtouch is appearing on the same network as your Roon Core, actually. Notice that the network address listed below your iMac (192.168.1.XX) shares the same network as that of the Bose endpoint (192.168.1.XX) If those devices were on a different subnetwork than your Core they wouldn’t be visible to Roon.

The SoundTouch 300 is on WiFi and is using the AirPlay protocol to communicate to your Core.

Everything appears to be a go here! Were you experiencing any problems with playback to your Bose endpoint?

Hi there Jamie

The Bose Endpoint has been playing just fine. The temporary home I’ve just moved into has a rubbish Internet connection of only 5-6 mbps. However, it’s not too bad, just with the occasional dropout.

Thanks for your help

Thank you for the update @DJM!

And nice profile picture of you on the steps at Abbey Road there by the way! I bet that was a brilliant experience. That’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for a while now.

I’m glad to hear that the SoundTouch is working for now. I hope that your current situation progresses soon and you’re able to implement your proper system once more. :+1:t2::loud_sound: