Bose USB Companion 5 output issue

Just installed Roon yesterday to start my trial and love the layout/navigation/content aspect that is evident upon loading up some music. However, I can’t seem to get any output from my Bose USB Speakers, Companion 5 model. Both the Speakers and System Output options say the same thing: Failed: Audio device not found. If I turn on Exclusive mode, it appears to work (setup a zone name etc), but when I actually try to play any track (all MP3’s in my test library), I get a different error: Transport: Playback has failed due to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device.

I am using a new iMac 27" Skylake model as the host and have Roon loaded in my Windows 10 Bootcamp partition. I also checked and the Exclusive options are checked under the Advanced tab in the Playback Devices tab.

Is it something obvious from a configuration standpoint? Thanks in advance for any insights, Tom

Hey @Thomas_Follette – I’m going to follow up and get some logs from you, so we can get a better idea of what’s going on here.

I see some others on Bose’s site talking about driver issues, but usually that’s less of an issue on OSX. Logs should tell us more. I’ll be in touch via PM.

I am facing the exact same issue with the Bose Desktop Companion 5 (USB). J River sees it fine and I have no problems playing audio from all other Windows players, but Roon is failing to play anything using this device.

Even System output is not working for me.

I get the “Playback has failed due to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device” error.

Mike from Roon reviewed my logs I uploaded and sent me this earlier today:

"Hey @Thomas_Follette – we took a look at the logs and it definitely looks like we’re getting some strange feedback from the driver. Can you confirm you’re using the latest driver from Bose?

Also, can you go into the Audio section of Settings and confirm whether any combinations of exclusive mode and event driven mode work? We haven’t done a lot of testing with this device, but know whether any combinations work would go a long way towards knowing what’s going on here."

I told him that the Bose system does not use an OEM driver, but rather a generic Windows USB one and uploaded him a screen capture of those driver details from the Properties page. I also asked if I added an approved/tested DAC in between the Bose and my iMac if that would solve it as that’s something I’m willing to try. I do love the layout and features of the product, but obviously need to have it playback before ordering. :smile:

@Thomas_Follette @thijazi – have you both tried with Exclusive and Event Driven mode on?

The error you’re seeing means the DAC is giving us an error back when we try to start playback, and usually with a little effort, we’re able to figure out why. Sometimes Event Driven Mode can help with this type of issue, so I want to confirm whether that has any effect before we dig deeper.

Appreciate your patience here guys!

There are plenty of DACs that are known and working with Roon, so if you want to add one to your setup, I’m sure that would work, but like I said, I bet we can get this right, and we can make sure you have some extra time on your trial once this is working.

Let me know if you’re thinking of making changes and I can confirm things should work. Thanks!

I checked and unchecked all sorts of combinations for Exclusive mode and Event driven. Nothing allows it to operate.

the funny thing is that in the Audio Setup dialog box, the System Output cannot be used.

Thanks for the follow up Mike. I have tried every permutation that I can identify and no success to date. I am going to try a new set of Definitive Technology Incline USB speakers that I ordered today to see if that fixes it. I’ll circle back on Saturday after they arrive and I can test them out. Thanks, Tom

Ok guys, we’re looking into this. Stand by.

@Thomas_Follette @thijazi – I’ve just sent you both some instructions for sending us some more information. Let me know when you’ve had a chance to run through the tests and we’ll go from there.

Thanks and sorry again for the trouble guys!

Thanks for all of the incredible support on this Mike. I received the new Definitive Technology speakers today (as an aside, they sound amazing) and it was literally plug and play. The Roon app immediately recognized them and I simply started playing albums. I’m going to spend the few remaining days on my trial to determine if I want to commit to a purchase.

Thanks again for the help, Tom

I am still facing the same issue… Does anyone know how to fix this other than throwing away the Bose system?


Hi Tareq,

I don’t know if a solution was found here. Let’s drop a flag for @mike because this thread is a little bit off the beaten track.

Hi @Thomas_Follette, you mentioned earlier that you got Definitive Technology speakers and they worked with Roon and your iMac, can you please let me know which model you tested? what was the DAC used? It seems there is not traction in trying to solve my Bose Companion desktop speaker issue and I may have to ditch them and go for something else.


I am using the Definitive Technology Incline USB speakers that have their own DAC. They worked perfectly during the remaining days of my Roon trial, which I decided not to extend for purely UI/layout reasons. Thanks, Tom

Hey @thijazi @Thomas_Follette – we think we have a fix for the Bose issue coming in our next release. Let us know how it goes.


that is great news! Any expected time frame for release? Can I get pre-release access to test it?


Just updated to version 142 on both RoonServer and remote, the Bose issue still there, this time the Audio setup does not report an error with the audio device, but no playback is possible.

Sorry to hear that @thijazi. I assume you’re experiencing the same thing @Thomas_Follette?

Can you both reproduce this issue one more time, then use the Support IDs we provided to you over PM before to send us another set of logs?


Hi @mike, I just emailed you the diagnostic output file after re-running the roon tool… The email I sent to is with “Mike Audio Diag” subject. Let me know if this is enough?

Thanks @thijazi – I think you already got @vova some additional information earlier. We’re on it.