BOSS and DIGIONE Alu cases

Hi to all.
I will keep updating here about the much awaited alu cases for the BOSS & Digione.
We had to make sure that our cases will be compatible with the new B+ model as well as the B. For this production was halted, within a few days the design updated and then production continued.
Some stock needs to be re-worked.

Will update here as we get closer.



hi to all,

new cases ( compatible with RPI B & B+) , milling is almost done, then off to finishing…
will update more once shipping.

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Do you plan to change the Roon zone icon to match the new case?

we are thinking of still offering the acrylic case, so we have to see how to update the line art.
thanks for bringing it up.

Interesting, but why still no line art for USBridge (DietPi 6.2 / RoonBridge build 141/ Roon build 310) ?No-line art

Hi again,
the shipment is leaving China tomorrow.
the BOSS and Digione cases are packed and ready to be picked up by the carrier.
the BOSS alu case page is already up and the Digione will be by tomorrow.

please share your thoughts.


@ALLO_audio_boards The link is broken.

thanks @Ratbert
please see here

With Roon 1.5 will this easier to handle? Zone Settings > DEVICE SETUP > Not your device? > Identify this device … ?

I’ll take a look then. :smile:

@ALLO_audio_boards How soon is now? :smile:

Is now, now yet? :face_with_monocle:

When you say it’s gonna happen “now”
Well when exactly do you mean?
See I’ve already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

the cases were picked up by the freight forwarder on Friday and the shipment is in transit.
Only a matter of having it land, import , receive, check, stock and ready to ship.

The design team is working on the lineart for the backend of Roon.

we are days away

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Mmmm £55 for a case (£70 delivered) … just couldn’t press the “buy” button. :disappointed_relieved:


since we recently released the cases we monitor closely feedback from different communities.
This has lead us to reconsider the launch price and apply an 8% reduction to current pricing.
new pricing will be :
55$ USD (shipped from India ) .
68$ USD (shipped from EU).

how does that sound ?
price will be updated online by tomorrow.


Received my Allo Digione Alu case. Really nicely done Allo! It’s beautiful and functional. Decipiates the heat really well and is very hefty!

@Bill_Soukoreff thanks for the kind words.

The Digione delivers high end performance and now the casework follows suit. When people “feel it” and see the quality, and how well thought out the design, they will realize how the price is so cheap.