Bought new Nucleus but received an older version

Thank You Danny, I have Nucleus all set up now & LOVING my new ability to shuffle, randomly, through my entire C.D. collection!! Now that I know there were no prior issues I’m not giving this version of Nucleus up…willingly, I’m very satisfied…However, I have mentioned to merchant the fact that older version Nucleus was kind of “hidden” or at least not made readily available & also there is no access code to the free year of Roon software via coupon code, to which there has been no response from merchant as of yet, other than “I’ll have to speak with my supervisor”…I’m giving them a week & if not resolved by then, regrettably, will box up Nucleus, return & repurchase from Roon directly which is probably what I should have done in the 1st place. I appreciate all of the help I’ve received here with the assurance that older version is still a good one & basically other than software subscription issue, it’s a done deal for me depending how this outfit responds to coupon code problem.

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