Bought on Qobuz, moved to Nuc - Still plays as a streaming file

Roon Core Machine

16gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Net gear Night hawk

Connected Audio Devices

Naim NDX2- wired

Number of Tracks in Library

One album

Description of Issue

I have a few qobuz albums and this is the first time im seeing this.

The album shows in my library, but when i play it plays as streaming. I am playing the library version. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.

What shows under Versions?

under versions i get “1 library version 1 Tidal versions”

i sub to both qobuz and tidal.

Show a screenshot

That isn’t showing a local version only the streaming version. You need to find your local version and merge with this album.

Unfortunately one library version doesn’t automatically mean what one would assume it to mean.
All it means is that A version is in your “library”, which in Roon parlance means local files and/or Tidal/Qobuz.
This you can tell by the Qobuz symbol as well as the in library symbol.
If it was a local version you would not see any streaming service symbol.

So in this case it’s telling you a stream service version is in your library but not your local version.


So why is this different from other albums i have bought on qobuz? Also how do i fix this? thanks
Also i am aware that the “library” means with roon. not confused there.

As to why it is different in this instance I do not know, has your new download been scanned and identified?
Certainly the above screenshot with just the library symbol is what I would expect.

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It’s probably been identified as a different version by roon, or not identified at all.
Move the files out of your roon library, force an update then add them back in. Then look at recently added to see what it’s been added as.

Same, and the fact that now i dont have a qobuz version, just a library with a Qobuz icon…

Its odd qobuz option is gone… So i removed scanned and then added scanned. Nothing Still at 494 tracks. Seems Roon is not even picking them up at all? restarted server etc… nothing working it seems.

Tried creating a new music folder thinking it might help. No luck yet.

Found it. They are WMA files for some reason. As i assumed User errror. Will delete thread.