Box Drive as a music server?

Hi, has anyone used Box Drive for Mac as a music server with files stored locally on the hard drive? Trying to figure out a way, possibly using a file path but having no luck so far.

Never heard of it…more info might be a good idea if you want some responses.

Ill put this under #tinkering for now

Just a google search away…

Can you not just do Settings>Storage>Add Folder and point it to the place where your files are?

I tried that approach, but the Box folder doesn’t appear in Roon, unlike a regular folder. I’m thinking that it’s not a viable option, but thought I would check with the forum, just in case there was some kind of workaround.

Are there actual physical files in the Box folder, or are they placeholders/pointers to the Box Cloud?

Either/or. You can upload files to the cloud and also keep a local copy that resides on the drive that can be accessed by most applications via the finder. It syncs automatically. Quite similar to Dropbox, but different from it in that I can see the Dropbox folder in the Roon storage settings. I use Box because it’s a bit more secure and robust according to my IT consultant. I might reach out to Box tech support and see what their take is.

Are there actual files in this particular folder, or just the pointer/cloud files?

If the latter, that’s why it won’t work.

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There are actual files in the folder. It’s not that there’s an empty folder. It’s that the Box folder doesn’t appear at all in Roon. It does appear in the finder. The Box folder and subfolders that contain files for my business, such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator can be seen and opened by those applications. That’s my dilemma. This is a new M1 Mac FWIW. I’m on the road. When I get home, I can check whether an older Intel MacBook Pro has the same issue. I suspect that it will.

If you make a Symbolic Link to a folder within your Box folder (Put a few music files in there), can Roon see the symlink? Put the symlink on your desktop or somewhere handy.

I wonder if there is something hiding the Box folder from Roon. Maybe it has an invisible special character at the beginning of its name?

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Thanks Andrew! I’ll give this a shot.