Box Sets and Roon

i’ve just migrated to Roon and can’t seem to find a definitive thread on how to deal with multi disc box sets

When I ripped box sets to iTunes, I generally always configured the discs to be 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc but if a box had separate artwork for each disc, I would give each disc a different title and if there was not separate artwork, I would assign the same title to all the discs but assign the correct disc number. Roon somewhat unexpectedly merges the boxes where i assigned separate folders with separate artwork into 1 album. It shows it’s smart but perhaps too smart in this case. What is the best way to separate an album of separate titles and discs that have been merged into a single album back into separate albums as intended in these cases?

Having different artwork and titles for disks in a disk-set is not supported by Roon at the moment. From Editing and Grooming Your Collection:

Depending on you needs you might want to read:

Hi @number6mi,

Definitely check out our Knowledge Base for more information about how to best set up your box sets. If things appear to be correct on your end, can you share a screenshot of one example of how things look in Roon and how things look in your storage location via Finder or File Explorer?

In a phrase non of the above …


Remove the box set from the watched folder
Settings, library, clean up library
Rename each disc folder, CD1 - Album x etc
Reimport to watched folder

When Roon sees CD … in a folder name if it’s anything other than CD1 etc it will see it as a separate album and split it

Other than that Box Set handling is a weakness in Roon

There are loads of threads on the subject

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