Box Sets - Funny disc discovery

If I search for a work e.g. a cantata from Bach I get the composition overview. Once clicking I come to my box sets and see the work (with new focus filter) but have to guess on which disc it is. Please make it possible to have a direct link to all discs of a box set like in 1.7 before and show me the disc number of the composition I had searched.


No, its much better the way it works now. That will surely not come back. You can still select the disc if you have a need. Its just a dropdown menu now. Take a closer look and I‘m sure you‘ll find it.

No, its not better. I know that there is a dropdown menu. But how can I found out, on which of over 200 discs (Bach 333) the composition is located? I want to know which disc I am playing currently. Right click on the dots and „View file info“? C’mon!