Brahms Piano Concertos Gilels

Roon seems to think that the two piano concertos are performed by Johannes Brahms (the composer)! The addition of Ottomar Borwitzky is also incorrect. It would be great if this could be corrected.

It’s just duff metadata on the compilation album - all you need to do is edit the metadata for each track, and it will go away. It’s a bit tedious, but I quickly did it for Concerto No 1 and it is fine. You just have to plod through the rest.

Thanks for your advice, @Jez. I’ve tried editing the metadata with both Meta and SongKong and can’t get the result I’m looking for with either :frowning: I’m working on a Mac.

You need to edit the metadata inside Roon. Click on the three vertical dots next to the track, pick Edit, then select the “Edit Track” tab, then click “Edit Credits”, scroll down and you’ll see Johannes Brahms as a Primary Artist, uncheck that and OK and Save your way out. Do that for all the tracks.

If only you could get a recording of Brahms Piano Concertos with Brahms as the Primary Artist!

Well, I’ve learned something today. Thank you so much for your help, @Jez. And yes, it would indeed be wonderful if Brahms had recorded his piano concertos!