Brand new KEF LS50W II uncertified? [Resolved]

Hi guys,
I just got a pair of KEF LS50W II to replace the first generation. I connected with Roon via SonicOrbiter, music was stored on NAS. However when selecting the Audio device in Roon, it shows the KEF LS50W II “uncertified” and I cannot select it.
I have updated to latest firmwares on Roon, SonicOrbiter and KEF LS50W II. Please see attached screenshots. Is this an error and do you know how to fix this?
Many thanks.

Sorry I know it’s weird but because I don’t know exactly what the error is, I restarted the KEF, the SonicOrbiter, the NAS, and even laptop running Roon a few times, and suddenly it works…
Moderators can delete this post. Sorry for my inexperienced.

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