Brand new user - can't connect to Music Library

I’m a brand new user - out of the box, went through the simple registration process and selected what I thought was my music folder - (there are albums inside) - and I’m still not having anything imported. Need help - otherwise, just planning to cancel my trial.


MacBook Pro (brand new)
Apple Music subscription & Spotify (no Tidal)
Selected “Music Folder” as instructed in on-boarding

Nothing happening - just reads “watching for files in real time”

Sort of shocked I’m even logging a ticket here - I’d planning to just give up if this part of the process was so difficult to do.


What is in your music folder?

inside, it’s structured this way (I made no changes - this is how it was set up automatically)

iTunes > iTunes Media > Apple Music > < artist name folders with album folders >

So when you pointed it at the folder, what was the syntax, and are you using SMB1 or SMB2?
Note I am not support, just another user!
@support a new user is having issues.


Is it possible for you to provide a screen shot of the contents of one of the album folders?

What happens if you point Roon to just the iTunes folder without drilling down to the Apple Music folder?

Once you get Roon working it just tends to work. People do have issues with AFP shares (which Roon does not support) and more obscure music formats etc. Keep providing info and someone will spot what’s wrong.

For streaming services Spotify does not work with Roon, but Tidal does.

I’m not sure what SMB1 or SMB2 means.

The message that came up was just that it was “watching for music files.” Nothing else.

I really appreciate your help!!!

The top level of the new Finder architecture is just:

User > Library > Music

that’s what I’m pointing to - I specifically did NOT point to a specific folder in the Music folder… but inside there is:

Album Artwork folder
iTunes Media

and inside iTunes Media there is:

Apple Music
“Automatically add to iTunes.localized”

Any suggestions? I’m not really excited about just guessing what might work… but I’ll try once or twice…otherwise, just too much work.


What are the formats of the files inside the folder?

Our full list of supported files is here, so we should confirm the files you’re trying to import are supported in Roon.

Apologies if this is obvious, but the only streaming service Roon supports right now is TIDAL, so streaming content from Apple Music (or Spotify) is not going to work. Anything you’ve purchased and downloaded should work, assuming there’s no DRM.

Let us know the details @Victor_Zaud!

Ok, still a bit confusing to me.

I’ve downloaded several of my purchased albums on iTunes. So, there are several in my library. I’m in the trial version of the product - and just trying to figure out if I want to purchase this - and I haven’t even seen anything work yet. I’m definitely not trying out any streaming services.

Hi @Victor_Zaud ----- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles here.

Moving forward, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  • Verify the format of the files you are trying to import

  • Have you verified if any of the content that is not appearing in the application is landing in “skipped files”?
    (“settings” - > “Library” - > “Skipped Files”)

  • Having a screenshot of your “storage” tab would be very appreciated!

  • Our knowledge base has good documentation on the best practice for integrating iTunes + Roon. Have you given this a read yet?


I’m just trying to import “m4p” I guess? This is what iTunes downloads.

Nothing in Skipped files

I added a screen shot of my directory.

Yes, I looked in the Knowledge Base - it just says to do what I did with selecting the folder.

Thanks for any advice.

.M4P is Apple DRM protected. Can Roon play these? Do you have any files in any other formats?

Hi @Victor_Zaud ----- Thanks for the follow up and taking the time to answer my questions!

Moving forward, if I am not mistaken you can confirm if the content is in DRM protected by checking the file’s “properties”. It should indicate if the file(s) are “protected” or not.