Branding of Allo DigiOne?

The latest update says it has branding for Allo DigiOne. What does that mean? has several products. The DigiOne is one of them. Presumably it will now show the appropriate picture and documentation link within Roon if used as an endpoint.

Yes.i understand that. I have the Allo DigiOne. What does it mean for it to be branded in Roon?

You will see a little picture of it in the zone selection

Hmmmm. I don’t. Wonder what it means in this case.

I have a DigiOne, and I’m not seeing a custom zone icon either — just the same old default icon. This is with Build 274 on my iMac.

What should it look like? My allo DigiOne shows a speaker icon. My other two Pis have IQaudio HATS (DigiAmp+ and DAC+) and they both show the PI curvy case icon (all on Diet-Pi). They were all like that pre build 274 I think. It would be nice to select an icon from a preset range. The DigiAmp+ is driving a speaker, so that icon would be preferable and appropriate.

My DigiOne (running Ropieee 070) don’t have branding either.

I’m using latest ROCK build and iOS ROON version.

Maybe @support can answer?

Hey guys – we got some of the graphical assets late for this certification, so I think we just missed including the branding for our last release.

Should be all set for the next one. Thanks all!