Bread discography wrong

This is for the band with David Gates.

Ouch. That’s terrible.

in fairness, it’s for a band/artist called “bread” so technically it’s not wrong… but they do need to figure out how to employ an artist ID that’s more unique than just the name. Am i looking for John Williams the composer, or John Williams the guitar fingerpicker?

I have a similar problem when I search for “The Wood Brothers.” One is a funky/jammy folk group, and the other is a straight-ahead bluegrass duo.

Discogs has a ([number]) after the band/artist if there are duplicate names, to avoid just this issue.

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Yeah the problem is it’s not a one-off. It impacts every artist that shares a name with another artist. Cream. Genesis. Godz. Eric Johnson. John Williams. Thousands and thousands of artists. It’s a problem.

This is what I got for “Bread”:

They go on and on about their valence AI engine and what not And yet they can’t distinguish between two acts with the same name. What kind of metadata are they using?

Really bad metadata sourced from a third party that is clueless. Sadly I am even seeing these kind of impacts in Qobuz directly (purely on their side, nothing to do with Roon).

Are you sure it is Roon and not Tidal? I ask because with Roon and Qobuz I get the expected result as my post above shows.