Breadcrumbs / links for genre & subgenre

I find the “subgenre” pages both (a) quite useful & interesting, and (b) buried in a menu structure that is hard/slow to navigate. The most frequent thing that happens is that I’m listening to a track or album and I want to get to the subgenre page for that album.

My suggestion is that on both “now playing” and album pages (and potentially other places it Maia sense) there’s a breadcrumb trail of the genre & subgenre that a piece is in. So if I’m listening to Verdi’s Aida, I see “in: Classical / Opera” (where each is a link, and if I’m listening to Bob Dylan I see “in: Rock / Folk Rock”.

I’ll admit that if works belong to multiple genres or sub-genres (I’m not sure if that’s true) there’s some complexity about either which one to choose to display or how to display multiple breadcrumbs since I doubt it’s a perfectly binary tree, but feels like this is solvable (eg “in: Rock / Folk Rock and Folk / Folk Rock” isn’t that terrible).

This would be super useful and time saving for me - and I certainly wouldn’t mind if these links were small / light colored because they’re not as informational - they’re simply ways of getting back to where I want to go.


does Roon understand genre hierarchies? it’s not clear to me it does, or at least, it’s not clear it understands “weights” when a song fits in multiple genres.

I’m not saying Roon does understand “weights”, nor do I know how many genres/subgenres a piece can be in more empirically how frequent >1 or >2 genres are in real-world libraries.

But I do think that even a fairly ham-fisted approach to this would be really useful, at least to me, given how much time I spend clicking back to the subgenre pages on iOS!