Bricasti M12 reporting a software update

I have a problem with Roon that tells me there is a software update available for my Bricasti M12. But recording to Bricasti my M12 is Roon Ready and they have not changed anything since they got the certifikation. Could it be an issue with the app ?
You have a M12 and could maybe test it ?

Best regards
Michael Gravlund

Is the second pop up window the result of clicking on the 1st View Details?

The Second popup shows when you go to settings/Audio and click on the icon
The first popup shows up when you start up the App… but not always
The M12 is fully updated from Bricasti.
@support can perhaps help me here ?

I tried clicking “Update All” this happened …

The first one shows up when the roon core or one of the control points (pc,iPad) has an update available. If it pops up again click on the View Details link and see what it shows.

You’ve just updated ROCK haven’t you?

Hi @Michael_gravlund,

That notification means that there is a Roon update available for you. After clicking Update All have you been able to connect to the Core again? Has the notification gone away?

Hi Dylan
Thank you for your reply. Yes after having clicked on “Update All” the lightblue popup has gone.
But I still Wonder why this icon which shows along " Bricasti M12 Source Controller" is showing
It says “configure device” , but the M12 is fully up to date and Bricasti has not been making any changes since they got the certifikat
best regards MichaelUdklip

Roon won’t report an update required for a third party Roon Ready device. Only for ROCK, Roon or Roon Bridge. I don’t think this was actually connected to the M12.

@dylan have you any news about this ?
best regards

Hi @Michael_gravlund,

This popup only indicates a Roon update. We do not have notifications for device-specific updates.