Bricasti M3 - Roon Ready Status

Anyone here own the Bricasti M3 with the streaming module and heard anything about getting it Roon Ready? I use mine with Roon without issues but it shows “Uncertified in Roon.

The M3 will appear as an end point as M3 but not certified. Only the M5, M1 and M12 have certification, but the M3 it works fine as it is the same as the M12 or M1, all products work the same way, all products are upgradeable.

It’s no big deal for me because the M3 sound’s fantastic and it works perfectly well with Roon. In fact some Roon Ready devices sound like crap.

I’ve heard from an authorized dealer of Bricasti that the manufacturer actually had sent M3 to Roon team for certification back in August of last year, but now there are still only three Roon Ready devices: M5, M1, and M12. Anyone has any updated information/stories?

I’m also waiting for the M21 to achieve Roon Ready certification. Bricasti says it’s in the works.

It’d be great for customers if there were some transparency into the process. I wish I could visit a dashboard page on the roon site and quickly tell if certification of a particular piece is imminent, or progressing but still months away, or stuck at an impasse.

Though, I understand how that can be a double-edged sword for both Roon Labs and cert applicants. We customers aren’t the most patient lot.

It’s up to the device manufacturer to say as much or as little about Roon Ready-ness testing as they desire. It’s not Roon Labs role to say anything other than “This device has been certified Roon Ready™️.”

PS: I’m also anxiously waiting to hear that the M21 has been certified, so I feel your pain.

The M3 just appeared as Roon Ready on the partners page…

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Thank you for your information. And we would like to know the software update procedure for uncertified M3.

Now Bricasti M3 is identified as a Roon Ready device. :wink:

Has anyone used the Bricasti M3 with headphone amplifier (M3H)? If so, how good is is? (Does it work well with hard to drive headphones?)