Bridge + QNAP + Audioquest DragonFly

Hi developer team,

you made a really good job. I think, it will be very nice to use a QNAP HS251 as a bridge with a Audioquest DragonFly. So I could have silent storage and playback in high quality in my living room.


Hi Ralf,
Try plugging in your DragonQuest into your HS251 and install the RoonServer qpkg via QNAP AppCenter. Don’t care about the server features. You do not need to set it up with a remote (but you do need to create a RoonServer shared folder on the HS251 before installing the qpkg!) .
I have not tried this, but I could imagine this might work.

Hi christopher,

sounds like a good idea, but at the moment I havn’t a dragonfly. It’s fine to know, that Roon has implemented all drivers for Debian and Audioquest. So I’ll order a stick in the next weeks.