Bridge won't update. Everything else will

Roon Core Machine

Intel Nuc 8th gen i7 - the one recommended by Roon

Networking Gear & Setup Details

D-Link switches, hardwired cat-6 to all endpoints,

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Connects
Sonons Play 1s
Denafrips Venus II connected by Raspberry PI 4 - this Pi is the bridge that won’t update

Number of Tracks in Library

93,000 tracks

Description of Issue

This has been happening for some time. When I see an update for the RPi in screen capture (RPi4Flirc) it shows download progress, then says installing then eventually error “There was an error checking for an update.”

Pi/DAC still plays but I’ like to get current. All other endpoints, controllers, etc. update fine.

How many updates beyond 1.7 build 571 am I? Thanks!!!

Hi @RPlace, there is no RoonBridge update for 831, but there are newer versions than what you’re seeing. Is there any change if you give that device a reboot?

Thanks Dylan, like I said its been going on for a while. When I think about it or see it on the About screen I give it another try. Today’s update to my Windows app (and android tablet) is what prompted me to try again…thus my post today.

I’ve power cycled it several times in the past and no luck. I just ran to the basement and unplugged for a minute or so before powering it back up. Nice that I found your quick reply. Thanks for the speedy response.

Its in the process of rebooting now. I’ll check back in on it in a bit. Any other suggestions?

reinstall the bridge on the RPi - you dont say what OS its using.

Im not seeing any bridge issues (now at B814) for all my RPi’s with Ropieee


I’m using Ropieee on the RPi.

After rebooting same thing. Roon shows downloading and progress bar quickly goes t about 75% then it says “Installing” then error message in original post.

Hi @RPlace, can you send logs from this bridge?

Sure thing @dylan. Can you tell me how to do it or point me to a link on how to?


Hello @RPlace,

I am dismayed we missed on your reply for this long. Please, accept our apologies :pleading_face:

I’d be happy to share instructions, but, I was wondering if in the meantime, your Bridge is updated? We’ve rolled out a new build since :nerd_face:

Thanks for checking back in @beka

No joy as of last try at 7:06 AM 10/8

Any info on logs?

Hi @RPlace, please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader. Thanks!

Hey @dylan In a previous post you had asked for logs “this bridge”. I don’t see specific instructions for the bridge so would the Core logs be what you need? I’ll zip them up and send them off while I wait to hear back.

From the link, no bridge specific info

@dylan and @beka

So I remembered I had another RPi4 with DAC HAT that was sitting on a shelf for a long time…meaning I know it was not current. I plugged it into network and power, then looked at Roon Settings|About. Sure enough it said update was ready for DL. I clicked it and away it went. Updated the first time. So my system can obviously see yours well enough to update.

Still no love on the one I want to use in my main system. See below for before and after pix of the old one I just hooked up this morning. The original on in question (RPi4Flirc) still won’t update. Progress bar goes to about 75% then error message from previous posts.

I think I’m back in business. You all might want to throw @spockfish some of your support dollars. After realizing that the RPi played music fine to my DAC but no web UI for Ropieee I reflashed per spockfish’s suggestion.

Looks to have updated to latest version. NOTE I renamed the Pi via Ropiee but this is the same device that would not update. The IP address is the same.