Brilliant Classics Opera Alfonso und Estrella track labelling vanished

This would test the patience of a saint, something I’m not.

The 3 discs were ripped using dBpoweramp and first up Roon collated 2 of the 3 albums into one. After considerable messing around swapping back and forth between Sooloos & Roon I finally managed to get 3 albums into Roon with all tracks correctly labelled. But when merged they were not in the correct order.

So I edited for that and finally got 1, 2 & 3 in the right order only to find each and evey track was then labelled. “Alfonso und Estrella , opera, D.732”.

What the hell is going on???

As per an earlier reply with this problem, the tracks come up correctly displayed at the base when played.

Next move was to try identifying the work. And that yielded another surprise, instead of 3 albums I then had only one of 44 tracks, again no labelling + the order all hashed up. Editing was able to reclaim the 3 discs again but the track labelling remains obscured and yes, the order has been hashed up once again.

A real mess!!!


I notice than when identifying the album ROON only looks for 2 discs. Maybe the Brilliant reissue made 3 albums from what was originally two although that looks impossible from the album timings.

All 3 are correctly displayed in Sooloos with appropriate track labelling. I tried deleting all 3 in Roon and downloading from Soolos but only CD1 has correctly labelled tracks. CD2 & CD3 are as described above.