Bring ARC's animation to Roon Remote App

Roon ARC is a great piece of software for an initial release. Nice UI and animation etc.

Now, can we bring some of the transition/tab switching/drawer animation to the Roon Remote? So it can also get the butter smooth experience.

Edit: I also feel ARC’s UI is much better designed for mobile use. It will be great if we can get some convergence/consistency between ARC and Remote’s UI design. More preferably, merging them into one app instead of two.

Yep, I like this and actually came here to suggest this.

The Roon Arc app is amazing! Love the feel of it.
It might be a limitation of Roon remote (where I think the UI assets are coming from Roon server, not native to the app?). But if the remote looked this way, I’d be so happy.

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