Bring back local search / offline functionality for offline Roon Core [not on roadmap]

As quoted from many fellow Roon users:

According to Danny:

Most Roon users would prefer to have offline capabilities than having a slightly better search engine. Please bring this feature back in some capacity.

How is it possible that
Apple Music
Media Center
Windows Explorer
And literally every single media player on the planet can search a pile of FLACs and Roon can’t? How hard can it possibly be?

Even if you leave out all the tags and
special junk, the main metadata is right there in the files. Read it and store it.

I can’t even finish typing a search (any criteria) in Swinsian before it’s showing me results, and I have 8 terabytes of FLAC.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to find and play songs.

Go out on the street and ask ten people if they would use a music player that won’t play their own files if it’s not connected to the internet. Seriously. Try it.


A question:
Is „only“ search broken and I still can browse by artist, album tracks etc? Meaning I still can play music through Roon or is it when Roon is offline this means no music at all?

When it is offline you cannot even play. I simulated that by unplugging the external cable that goes to my modem and then play a song for 1 minute then played another song. The second song only played for 2 seconds and then it stopped and the Pause button symbol changed into Play triangle button… Pressing that play button repeatedly did not revive the ability to play that file any more until I reconnect the ISP cable to modem.


Ok, that is bad.
No browsing by local folder, no offline search, no playing of any track (even local) when offline. Roon is cutting of completely of its own music library and forcing users to find other offline solutions.

For me it is not really relevant, I do not remember when the last internet disconnection happened and my offline library fits on a single Micro SD card (1000 CDs in 16/44 FLAC), so offline fallback is easy for me, but I can image many use cases where this matters, that’s why I voted for this.

Working without Internet connection is a necessary function for me. I do not have internet connection all the time.

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Its starting to look a bonus that my Mac mini doesn’t support 2.0.
I don’t mind upgrading the hardware, but seriously, this has to get fixed.

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