Bring back local search / offline functionality for offline Roon Core [not on roadmap]

Are the 225 votes from the now-closed other feature suggestion going to be moved to this one or should everyone individually vote again?

Ah, happened already, thanks

I noticed the same, but now the votes are back. I guess some housekeeping is currently in progress.

Yeah, threads have been merged, I just happened to look before the votes were moved as well and was not sure what to do. All good now

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For some reason, I can’t respond to this message.

John Darko notified me that it is not possible to play local files, for any guaranteed period after disconnecting the network cable.

I’d like to request an update to Roon 2.0 that makes it possible to at least browse the local library and play my own rips. That was the reason to acquire Roon in the first place. It is not right to sacrifice this core-functionality for some future cloud-based functionality.

I have a lifetime subscription, so access to the license server is not required. It’s ok to drop Tidal/Qobuz access when the ISP is not reliable, but access to my local files should always be guaranteed.


It is also discussed here Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

I agree with you completely.

I will. Because mine and 95% of people’s Internet connection is never ‘down’ today.

[not on roadmap] explicitly and bluntly stated means they won’t do it? Right?

Already more votes as for the remote access thing delivered now. Such ignorance and stubbornness.

As soon the central Roon solutions fail for some reason nobody knows we will see what happens if none of us is listening music anymore.

That’s how I understand it, though 251 votes is hardly viral outrage. In fact, if those 251 voters left Roon in disgust, the accounts dept probably wouldn’t even notice. It’s a bummer, and perhaps time to explore options/alternatives.


Agree, this decision was not a good one. The strength of Roon for me was as a local library manager with a great hi res network protocol for quality audio. The “search” elements are a nice bonus as is the ability to add streaming to the library paradigm. Offline operation is important to me and I suspect many audiophiles.


Lifetime subscription user here. I don’t live in a city. Normally my broadband connection is stable, but today an internetcable to my house broke. So no internet on my local network until a mechanic arrives to fix it (next day hopefully) Normally when this happens I play some music and pick a book when internet/tv etc is down. CD are stored in the attic but available to play via my NAS and Roon. My internet broke 3 hours ago. ( but playing 10CC, one of the first albums in my library sorted by artistname.) now playing the third cd… but did not use search yet.
Yes, I am on 2.0 and configured ARC as well and I would like to keep the ability to play my own library when internet is down. But apparently this is just a software limitation that is not required, but also it does not trigger a hard stop when the internet is down. I have some idea why I can still play local files via Roon over my local network, but would be diisappointed when I could not anymore ( still playing)


Reports about this seem to differ wildly. Some have your experience, but the user in the 3rd or 4th post in this thread said that it stopped at the second track

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Dear Roon, this is a terrible decision you have made.

Here in the UK there was a chap called Gerald Ratner who is infamous for making a bad decision in his very profitable business, you are having a Ratner moment…

I’m a lifetime user, please urgently reconsider what you have done.


Ratner’s downfall was really due to a badly judged comment, not a poor business decision:

After that, the UK tabloids did the rest.

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True, I stopped playing during dinner. When I came back the Roon client on my laptop showed a login screen. So after a while Roon forces you to use the internet for no obvious reason. ( yes no internet connection…) This never happened before. Not happy. I can live with limited functionality during internet outages. But this is absurd in my view. I think it just took some hours before Roon realised that the internet connection was lost because of some local dns caching in my homenetwork that was still active.


For the first time since I fired up Roon I’m thinking about going back to Apple. Even the music App does not have this behaviour. Local libraries can play without the Internet and it allows for the mixing of their streaming which is now lossless with local files. I like Roon better but offline happens sometimes and what’s the point of buying your own copies of albums in Hi Res if they are still dependent on the Internet to play? Tone deaf decision for the Audiophile crowd in my opinion.


Why does ARC get an off-line mode, but Roon doesn’t?


Yeah, that’s irony with Roon 2: offline mobile access, and online local access :rofl:


Haha yes this is indeed very weird and hopefully an eye opener for the ROON team, although they are very stuck in their point of view.


I fully agree!!

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