Bring back local search / offline functionality for offline Roon Core [not on roadmap]

Count me in for this request. I would at least like to be able to enjoy my local music that I own through Roon if my internet goes out! Heck, it seems I can’t even put in one of my CD’s and play it through Roon without internet.


After losing Internet access for a month last year (due to ISP mistakes), I have a keener interest in this than I might otherwise.

Apologies if this has already been mentioned (I’ve skimmed the thread), but from a coding perspective I wonder how different the fallback needs to be from the ‘Roon going bust’ doomsday scenario that @danny has already said is covered? If there’s already a ‘big red lever’ coded for this, could that not be the offline mode? I appreciate this is a gross simplification, but given I have Roon already, I’d like not to have to invent my own failoover strategy for when my ISP next decides to do something silly.


One would imagine that it is not very different at all. I’ll confess I’m pretty sceptical about Roon’s ability to make good on their best intentions here.


Just want to say this again. We had a storm last week and I lost internet for a week. It is very frustrating to lose access to my library and have to jury-rig a player. As a lifetime subscriber, I feel ripped off to lose the product when a tree falls outside.


Disappointed here - in the midst of an internet outage. Love Roon and ARC (which I use regularly in the car and while travelling), but an offline mode would be welcome. I have voted above.

For me, search could be completely disabled in offline mode as long as one can browse the collection, use filters and initiate playback. I don’t use streaming services so Roon Radio is unimportant but ‘classic’ radio without Valence would be nice in offline mode.

It’s not even important to me if bios and reviews don’t load, as long as playback is possible.

Hoping for a softening of the position from Roon management here.


I open a vote, which is for the function of ROON offline during an internet failure, to be able to read its library locally.

And the right to use ROON offline for people with a lifetime license.


@ElMuppet, please search the forum for existing #feedback:feature-suggestions before posting. Accordingly, I have moved your post to this thread.

Exactly the point. I rarely use search so no sure why i need it to be able to play back local tracks.

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