Bring back local search / offline functionality for offline Roon Core [not on roadmap]

Makes sense, but it doens’t make sense that Roon can’t play a local file.

No internet. No google.
I can see that, as the main ingredients to google are internet and web browser.

No internet. No music.
I can see that if you rely on streaming from online sources.
But with my favorite collection of songs at my immediate disposal… No internet. No music. Well that just doesn’t make sense.

If you had no internet access for an extended period.

Would you rather…

a. Only local search, or even no search at all, and be limited to play locally stored music.

b. No search function at all, and no ability to play any music at all.

I’m not a programmer, but I’m thinking the way Roon was written… they’ve made it difficult to turn off things without breaking other things. Hence no offline mode. The act of playing music is not (let me rephrase that…) appears to not be top priority in Roon, it has become second to the discovery… They both seem to play a very important role in the joy of music, but I do not think one should trump the other. And right now with Roon… Discovery has taken the lead. Which is too bad for the people like me that just want to listen to what I’ve already Discovered.


I agree with that. I was just saying that search in a very general sense can do more than finding a known song. For instance, it might be nice to find context for a search on the internet even if you can’t play a search result because you only have local. I don’t even know if Roon does that now, but just in principle.

My position on offline play was stated annoyingly often above :wink: (in short: I’m afraid that without at least a very simple fallback for offline play, the complaints will remain)


It’s ridiculous, imagine ls or dir not working if you don’t have internet! My file is right there, I can’t find it or play it without the internet?!



It’s like saying you can’t drive to the grocery store because onstar and navigation is not enabled, without them you can’t discover new things on the way to the grocery store that you really didn’t need help finding in the first place, but at any rate… stay home you can’t leave without it.


It is going to get worse. In the near future Your fridge won’t work if internet is down and you won’t be able to unlock your car. And your kids get angry at you, but that is a different case.

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True, I’ve been adding HomeKit lights, and recently found out I can’t even control them without internet :joy:


In so many cases technological advances are great and terrible at the same time. The internet in itself is such a thing. A fridge connected to the internet is only terrible, but that is just imho. :wink:
I don’t give my opinion to your lights :wink:

I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but there are actually four factors at play here, and maybe others I’m not thinking of:

  1. Our own Internet connection needs to be up.
  2. The Internet connection to the cloud server needs to be up.
  3. The servers powering the cloud instances need to be up and running (cloud hosting companies occasionally have issues).
  4. Roon’s own code on the cloud servers needs to be up and running (depending on how their backend is set up).

Any of these failing will remove access to our own music. Technology isn’t 100% perfect–that’s just the nature of the beast. I’ve “broken” my share of network connections and servers over time!

At least limited functionality offline is a must-have for me to consider moving on from version 1.8.

Voted! :heavy_check_mark:



Being able to play music without internet connection is very important !

Please make it possible again !

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Please, please bring back function without compulsion of internet, maybe without search for the time of internet down.

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I don’t know if you voted, but be aware that posting +1 is not a vote. The vote button is at the top


Thank you!

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