Bring back “New” banner on added albums

I’m really missing the “New” banner on album covers for albums I’ve added but not yet played.

I frequently add albums from Qobuz to try out later and use the “New” banner to quickly identify which albums I haven’t listen to yet.

Thank you.


Yes, I liked this too. A useful “local library” feature cut for no apparent reason. Please put it back :+1:


Has nothing to do with streaming vs. local library. An added stream would be equally „New“.

My understanding is that this feature has now been summed-up under the „Recent“ screen. But also that is only partially true. Yes, it shows you when you have added an album, but not if you have already listened to that added Album. For that you need to switch to yet another screen… phewww

Having the blue ribbon back on album view would certainly be very kind of Roon and make things a lot easier (again).

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Where did you get that from?

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You left out a word in quoting me. [Moderated]

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I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention - I quoted what caught my attention in your post which now is impossible to understand since you deleted it. I’m still curios why you wrote what you did. I have 3k local albums in my library and would abandon Roon if it would be a streaming-only service.

As would I.

I am engaged in deductive reasoning based on my 35 years in the enterprise IT business including roles as a product owner, solution architect, and enterprise architect.

The writing on the wall is coming into focus. It seems like a viable business model, but I am probably not their future state customer as a collector/curator of physical media type guy.

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I would really like to see the “new” banner reappear. I frequently add new music from Tidal and Qobuz as well as downloads and I was reliant on the new banner to help remind me which ones I had added so that I could listen to them. Now I have to open the album and see if it has been played. I would love to see it come back soon. I’d also love to know why it went away.


I would also like to see the New banner come back. I do find myself using Focus more and more for this, though, since the New banner disappeared after a week IIRC.

In album view, sorted by date added: Focus > PLAYED IN THE LAST [All time] and then [-] it gives you a list of albums you have never played. You can also add a Tidal (or Qobuz I assume) +/- to toggle only those that are Tidal or local. I find this very useful.


I tried that work around and discovered an even bigger problem! The results included well over 150 albums that I’ve played before, but Roon shows 0 on all tracks for Play Count. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

While I appreciate you posting a method that works for you, unfortunately it’s useless for me.

Personally, I’m getting tired of the need for all these work arounds and having to go around my a** to get to my elbow. For me, 1.8 is making it harder to find the music I want to play. :-1:

Here’s hoping in the near future the folks at Roon can improve/restore functionality.

I like 1.8 overall, but I do miss this feature, found it very usefull

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Local or streaming? Occasionally it gets a few wrong from my Tidal collection, particularly if I added them to Tidal before I started using Roon 2 years ago (I use the Tidal desktop app to add to Roon, not Roon itself).

Both local and Qobuz albums in my library are affected. :slightly_frowning_face:

I started using Roon in 2016 and added Qobuz earlier last year.

Has anyone heard any hints from Roon if this feature will return?

The new banner often disappeared in V1.7, 14 or so days after first being catalogued.
Would like to see the new banner stay for a little longer, say two months.

Interesting. I don’t remember it disappearing before.

Here’s hoping it comes back! :crossed_fingers:

Yes it did disappear in 1.7
I think it stayed “new” for 7 days?
14 maximum
So if you did not listen to your “new” albums by that time then it was pretty useless tbh.

As you may gather I do not miss it one jot, ymmv

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Ah, I think I misunderstood what you were saying about the New banner disappearing in 1.7.

Are you saying that after adding an album to the library, either local or from a streaming service, that the New banner would disappear after 7 or 14 days? Do I understand correctly now?

I thought you were saying that the New banner wouldn’t show at all when adding an album to the library.

I guess I was listening to New albums before the banner expired, hence why I didn’t notice this behavior.

Yup, disappeared after 7 days. So not particularly useful TBH.

At least for me, it was very useful. :+1:

I can see the 7 day expiration really taking away from it’s utility, so I would like to see it come back without the expiration.

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