Bring Back Proper List of Artist's Albums on the Album Screen

Previously in Roon when looking at the details of an album we had the other albums by the artist shown in release date order of the right of the screen.

Please, please, please, please bring back this feature to Roon 1.8.

Having to navigate down the page past the tracklist to hopefully find the other albums by the artist is an epic failure in UI.

To then find that sometimes the albums aren’t listed down there is even worse. I have no idea as to why you sometimes choose to show the other albums and sometimes don’t. It’s totally inconsistent behaviour. There is now no easy and reliable way to navigate between the albums of an artist.

Sometimes I’m shown all of the other albums. Sometimes I’m only shown some of them. Again, inconsistent.

Plus I have no control as to how they are sorted when shown. It’s not by release date as in Roon 1.7. Maybe it’s by “Popularity” which for me is pretty useless.

Even better, when you show the other albums, allow us to sort them by “Release date”, “Popularity” or “Album name” as you do on the Artist screen. Or let us specify the sort order in settings. To do so would be an actual desirable enhancement in Roon 1.8.

You bang on about how Roon 1.8 makes it easier to make connections to other related artists and albums. But for me, an EPIC FAIL in Roon 1.8 is that it makes it way, way more difficult to navigate between the albums of an artist.

I’d typically look at the list of albums down the side of an album page in Roon 1.7 more than I’d look at the tracklist. So the list of albums being missing in Roon 1.8 is a huge step backwards for me.

I get many of the changes to the UI are probably to make Roon appear better on a small screen, like a smartphone. But for those of us using desktop screens, laptop screens and tablets, we now have a chunky layout and functionality with vast amounts of screen space doing nothing. You can do much better than this. Please do so.


Bring Back Proper List

This one is proper and please do not change it.

How can it be proper when it’s often missing?