Bring back the "New" indicator

Again, this was removed, and I just can’t figure out why…
Before, new albums had a “New” indicator across the artwork, that could easily tell me they were…erm… new to my collection. Very handy and useful.
I know albums became “not new” once played, but perhaps there was also a time period involved, though I’m not sure.
So, please, pretty please?


Actually that is one of the changes I really do NOT miss.
Can’t say why but seeing “new” splashed across the icon just really annoyed the heck out of me…lol.
I just have my list sort to newest added too.
From memory there was also a time limit for the “new” script so eventually it would disappear even if you had not played it.


I agree, thankfully my memory is still up to recognising new album’s I’ve added when sorted by date added and the NEW label was kinda irritating.

Different strokes, different folks I suppose.



There is one constant around in this forum, a lot of people are requesting to live only by their personal rules: “I want purple!”; “I don’t want purple”. What about “I want a f… switch” so all of us can live our own reality?


I thought hard about posting this thread, as I understand the subjectivity of it. But in this case, the feature was there, and it was (mostly) harmless.
And BTW, how many albums you guys have in your collection?
Here’s 26k+. So, it DOES help to see which one(s) are new while generally browsing around the collection, no?


I liked the “new” notification, too. Wish it were still there. Too bad they didn’t just hide a toggle for it in settings, instead of ripping it out entirely. So people could decide for themselves. “Roon’s way, or the highway” seems to be their new mantra.


It is not new, they have been this way since the beginning (and said so), which is not by default a bad thing, if you know your way. Unfortunately, 1.8 looks to me like they have absolutely no idea…


I am with you on this. The banner across the album and ease in locating it was a really good feature, especially when Roon identifies the album differently that I do (and, at times, ignoring my “file info” preference) and a new album becomes hidden in the library. I tend to add albums in bunches rather than an album or two at a time and it is easy for albums to get lost or misplaced. The New feature was definitely helpful in making sure tagging was done the way I wanted them.

From a more general perspective, the new version of Roon is a lot prettier along with some changes that don’t really seem necessary (like retirement of the “New” indicator). Other examples are in the album or track editor where small slider icons replace radio buttons – they look nice but are harder to use, especially on touch screens.

I wish Roon would give us the ability to do a little bit of customization. It would be helpful to be able to “select the type of selector” and to sequence items (such as in the tagging system) so the the ones we use/value the most can be located at the top of the list. We could also de-select things (such as “New”) if we don’t want to use them.


The “New” badge didn’t mean much to me. Why? Because the first thing I do when I add a new album to my Library…even if I add 10… is listen to it. Once you do that, the badge goes away…

So it didn’t hurt you either


My memory could be faulty but i am very sure that the “new” badge also went away after a period of time anyway whether you had listened to it or not by that time.
So if I am correct it was almost irrelevant unless you are listening 24/7?

My post contains my thoughts. I am indifferent to the feature. I’m fine with it being gone. I don’t care if it is added back…

And that’s a good thing that I intended to point out. Even though it did nothing for you, it did not hurt you either. That’s one argument for bringing it back.

Hardly. It’s an argument to leave things as they are…

The fact that you don’t care either way, but it would help some people to bring it back at least as an option, is an argument to not bring it back? You lost me there

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Home Page - Recent Activity (big blue banner) - Added.

I’ve just checked - it gives the last 99 I’ve added to my library.

What am I missing?

I’ve also got a Not Played boomark set up that’s useful and does basically the same.

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It’s not about looking at the latest X albums. It’s about knowing, at a glance, whether an album is new or not.

TBH, I have zero use for most of the “badges” available as options. “Explicit”? Useless. “Bootleg”? Useless. “In Library”? Useless. I just don’t select them, and get on with my life. I don’t need to advocate for their removal.

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Got to admit that I don’t miss it. I never really saw the point of it. You can look at Recently Added to see, well, recently added albums!


I don’t think the feature is worth the effort Roon would put into it. I would rather they spent the time fixings things are more important.

Plus, the feature was replaced by a more complete and robust feature:

Go to “Home” and the select “Added” next to “Recent Activity” and you get a list of recently added albums and it shows the number of days ago they were added.

The “New” banner is redundant and so short-lived it doesn’t even serve the purpose it was created to serve.


Just give us the option to toggle this on/off.