Bring back the "New" indicator

It’s not about looking at the latest X albums. It’s about knowing, at a glance, whether an album is new or not.

TBH, I have zero use for most of the “badges” available as options. “Explicit”? Useless. “Bootleg”? Useless. “In Library”? Useless. I just don’t select them, and get on with my life. I don’t need to advocate for their removal.

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Got to admit that I don’t miss it. I never really saw the point of it. You can look at Recently Added to see, well, recently added albums!


I don’t think the feature is worth the effort Roon would put into it. I would rather they spent the time fixings things are more important.

Plus, the feature was replaced by a more complete and robust feature:

Go to “Home” and the select “Added” next to “Recent Activity” and you get a list of recently added albums and it shows the number of days ago they were added.

The “New” banner is redundant and so short-lived it doesn’t even serve the purpose it was created to serve.


Just give us the option to toggle this on/off.


There would be zero effort. And I really have a hard time on his forum with the kind of people telling other people that their wishes are not important.

You are directly contradicting posts above for whom it served the purpose. Srsly?
And if it were too short-lived, it could me made longer-lived/configurable.

This is an argument. However, is not the same having to go somewhere special


That flag disappeared after 14 days if I remember correctly, so when adding more music than you have time to listen to, the old flag didn’t really serve a good purpose. If you have time to listen to what you just added, then it worked fine (for me).

I thought this solution would work, but now when quickly testing it I am not so sure unfortunately.
Create focus > Added last week > Played: Never.

Right now it seems to pick today’s date and added it to the focus, which unfortunately is not a very helpful way of focusing here. It should rather be current date minus 7 days (or whatever time frame suits your purpose). This way you could bookmark it and have a dynamically updated bookmark. Right now I believe my book mark with the above focus will just keep on growing to become two weeks, three weeks and so on into eternity.

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I think it was only 7 days.

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I never liked the banner and was pleased to see it go. Sort Albums by date added. There you go.


It’s called “an opinion”. It’s not me saying other people’s wishes are not important. In this case, it’s me saying I don’t think there is enough merit in their wish to do something about it. That’s my opinion. Other people may agree with me or they may agree with them.

Yes, seriously. It’s my opinion…

How hard is it to click on “Home”??? Once you do that, the information is right there. You can then use the back button and go right back to where you were…


To sort by date added is not the same. The new indicator marked albums, that have been not played yet. I want it back, too.


One of the reasons for posting a feature request is for other people to support or challenge the request. This allows the developers to gauge reactions.

Your wishes might be important to you, but not necessarily to other people. Pretty even split so far on this one.


It’s a good thing when people describe how this feature was bad for them. I agree that this would be an argument for changing it. I responded to a post saying I didn’t use it but I don’t care if it’s there so that’s a reason not to bring it back.

I’d like this back too. It would seem to fit nicely in the Customise Album Display panel as a toggle.

I’d actually prefer this to persist until an album is played as for me when browsing an artist it would allow me to easily see albums that I have added but omitted to play. I currently work round this by tagging un-played albums as new but it would be nice not to have to use a workaround.

I suspect that my second wish would be more controversial and not meet the needs for everyone but it does seem reasonable for the new banner to be brought back with the option to disable.


I present three modern challenges in reverse order of difficulty:

  • Rowing across the English Channel in a bathtub;
  • Climbing Everest solo without oxygen;
  • Convincing the devs to put a switch in Roon.

IMHO they have been quite responsive, there are a lot of album display switches already, and they added more (like a switch for ratings)


Oh it’s possible. It just ain’t easy.

Personally, I liked the New label very much, but I think that everyone should have a choice, as it is now with the MQA label.

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True. It’s understandable too in a way, every single wish can’t be a switch, it leads to an infinite number of code paths and a UI full of switches. In this case though, putting the “new” texture on the cover image is most likely not different than putting the “ratings” texture or the “MQA” texture

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7 days sounds right to my memory
And with the amount of music I am adding I rarely got to listen to all my newly added stuff within that 7 day window so it was pretty much a redundant badge plastered across my album artwork.

Now IF the new badge had stayed on the album forever until actually played it might be a different story, but it did not so…

Focus. Added in the week or month and then played all time inverted to give you not played. Then bookmark that and you’ve got what the new banner used to give you just a couple of touches away.