Bring back the "New" indicator

The most useful thing would be not so much the big “new” stripe, but a little “never played” or “to be heared” icon, with the possibility to select it or not in the setting menu (as with all the other icons). In this way, if one add more albums than he/she can hear in one week, the little icon can always point out with a glance that “hey, you’ve not yet played this one!”. Maybe that 10 discs of George Szell with the Cleveland Orchestra that were added three months ago and you’ve forget about, now merit your attention! It’s a good way to not lose on the way something we have added, and to be less compulsive in add new albums. If you don’t like the “never played” icon, than have back the “new” stripe, but make it last FOREVER, until we play that disc, otherwise it’s useless.


I like that idea. This could be a third tab next to „Added“ and „Played“ on the home page and help uncover albums never heard just as well as recent additions that have not been listened to yet :+1:

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Well said.
Exactly what I pointed out right from the start of this thread.
Glad some others can see it too.

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Alright, could be 7 days. Makes things even worse for keeping track on what is new if you are adding plenty.

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They put them in, they’re just not very good.

I liked it, I miss it now that it is gone. Taking things away rarely makes people happy. The best solution would be a toggle as other have stated.

Agree 100% that sorting by date added is not has handy.

I have multiple version of many albums when I add a new one it is convenient to differentiate.

Bring it back, please and provide others a way to disable it.

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Surely designating a Tag for this is far more flexible. The problem with “New” is that the parameters are set by Roon. You can configure a Tag to describe whatever you like and, when it comes to a “New” Tag, you can remove something from the Tag when you no longer consider it to be new!

Surely if there was a toggle you could use your tagging method and I would not have to do anything and we would both be happy. I like doing nothing sometimes.

If it was never there I’m sure I’d never miss it. But it is gone and I do.

If you took your care in for maintenance and it came back with the tire low pressure indicator missing wouldn’t you most likely be pi$$ed? It is set by the manufacturer as to what they consider low pressure, not configurable by you. If it was removed I think most people would find that a downgrade.

I use a Bookmark: “Never Played”.

It uses the Album browser, sorted by date added, and a Focus of “never played” (the negation of “All time” for the “Played in the last…” criterion).

I see I have a lot of listening to catch up on…


For me that approach would not quite fit the bill completely, as e.g. I have now been able to rip all my SACD’s and add them to Roon. They are new to Roon, but not to me.
I therefore do some manual bookkeeping by adding and removing a ‘NEW’ tag myself . I did that already in previous releases, as Roon’s New attribute disappeared after 14 days.

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Fair enough…

I reall Iiked the “New” flag. Especially handy when you use Roon with more than one person, to easily spot albums recently added by the other person (I don’t add to the library myself since the profiles are still not properly sorted out and I don’t want to bother my partner with my stuff). True, you can find them with more mouse clicks, sort order, focus, adding flags, or what not, but sometimes you just want a bit less hassle.


This is exactly what I do - in fact I have 2, one for local and one for Tidal.

I am completely agree with Alexandre. The “new” splash is a big help for anyone who has a large library. Bring it back!