Bring back the old Focus!

New (current) Focus is terrible. Text based, the old infographic style was so much better with much better interaction!
Luckily I saved a previous Focus (Top 100 Played Songs) as a bookmark as I see no logical way to do this in the current version (comes up as an option in Albums though).

Bring it back please - you dont realise how impressive this is to prospective clients!

Also insert the “NO” button, many do not want such a change.

There’s no direct equivalent in the Track Browser to the Focus entry for Top 100 Played Albums in the Album Browser - that sounds like a specific Feature Request - please add it if it’s important to you.

As a workaround, in the Track Browser, you can add a column for the “number of Plays” - and sort the tracks in descending order. The first 100 entries in your Track Browser are then your Top 100 Played Songs… Not as snappy as a Focus entry, but the result is the same…

Curious as to what infographics you are missing? The old Focus looked like this:

Those infographics are still available in the new Focus I think - although it’s true that the Genres infographic is simpler, and now lives on the Home page.

Nope,unless they’ve buried the feature, no more infographics.
Plus, I have a bookmarked focus filter that only shows the top 100 played, but as this was saved as a bookmark prior to 1.8 it’s accessible but can’t be replicated in 1.8 unless, as you say, list ALL tracks

Um, from version 1.8…

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I’m sorry Geoff, your post makes no sense. Show me how you are getting to those infographics because they are not available in mine anymore, nor the last five system setups Ive done for people. Perhaps @support can chime in if Im missing something?

You should be seeing “View More” links at the bottom of Focus criteria columns when there are more items that can be shown in the column display. Just click those links in the “Release Date” and “Added In The Last” criteria to bring up the infographics…

This appears to be the only infographic (bar chart of year of release) left based on your approach above…

but none of the below, hence my FEATURE REQUESt to bring it back!

So, are you not seeing the “View More” link for the dates albums were added? If not, it presumably means that you’ve had Roon for less than a year…

And as I said earlier, the Genres infographic now lives on the Home page…

Ive been a Roon lifetime member since 2017 and selling Roon to the public since the same time @Geoff_Coupe

If you read my post above, you would see that I was able to get that infographic (bar graph) by doing the very thing you said, so yes, I can see (and clicked) the “View More”
What DOESNT come up anymore is all the other infographics that I showed in my above post. Clearly Roon Labs have removed this, hence my reason for asking for it back!

I’m sorry, but what infographics are you missing? The Date Added, Year Released, and Genre infographics are all still present, what infographic are you still missing?

With the exception of the home page, I cannot see any other place the Genres infographic resides.

This is what I want - it all in ONE PLACE!

This is how I interacted with my collection the most, all available in one place, not relying on unnecessary multiple clicks.