Bring back track numbers on Album page in mobile apps (Android & iOS)

There are Support threads on this topic, but I haven’t seen anything in the Feature Requests forum.

I very much miss the ability to see track numbers within the Roon mobile apps. It would be wonderful to see this as an option in the Customize album display menu within Settings. In my humble opinion, displaying basic tag info like track numbers is a “table stakes” requirement in a music app.


+1 I agree on this. No good reason to have removed this…

Fully agree. Track numbers are essential for communicating, recognising, navigating - fill in any essential word - content on albums.

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@support, @danny, it would be great to get some acknowledgment of whether or not there’s a plan to restore track numbers in the mobile interfaces.

To be frank, this is a major issue for me. I’m willing to be patient if you’re planning to address this, but some clarity would be useful so that I can start investigating alternatives to Roon if you’re committed to a mobile interface without track numbers.


I still have track numbers on an ipad

Ipad is a tablet and as such is not using the mobile interface.

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I agree, track numbers are necessary, and in playlists too (in every interface).

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Seems like most people are not bothered, low number of votes, which is a real shame as I find the lack of track numbers really annoying. I personally find the mobile apps severely lacking, far too minimilistic. Another peeve of mine is the lack or scrolling text, long titles being cut off.:frowning: