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Since the automatic Roon update, I cannot listen to my favourite BBC3 Classic radio… it started the very morning after the update was carried out overnight… I consistently get “failure to load a track” when I wish to play the Radio (it is still there because it sists in my history rom before, but I cannot seem to be able to find it in your “new” list of radios either).

Have you fallen out with BBC3?

I have rebooted the entire system a couple of times, including the cable modem, the router, the NUC, etc… to no avail.

THank you

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Hello @Jean_Peirs , there was a problem immediately after 1.8 whereby stations with geo-restricted streams (such as the hi-res versions of the BBC stations) would be blocked to everybody.

I have since removed that flag from BBC Radio 3 (and others) so it will now work for UK listeners - but the stream will show up for all.

However, it will not work for non-UK listeners. I would have put a comment in the description but the Roon station editing program is not fully working at the moment.

In the meantime, please choose either the 96k aac or the 128k mp3 stream (if you set the preferred one to your default you shouldn’t see this problem again).

Many apologies for your troubles.

Thank you very much Brian, I learned something and it works now!


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