Broken after update - can't play past 1 song

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro mid 2014 13 inch
2.6 GHz dual core intel i5
8GB ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NetGear NightHawk Router

Connected Audio Devices

2 Devices connecting through wifi

  • Pi2AES with roon Moode
  • PiCorePlayer via LMS

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Since updating the roon core & the remote apps this morning, i can’t get past 1, at most 2 songs. The songs would play and then either the remote players would say “Remote connection waiting for remote core” for a bit before it all comes back after a minute or two, or the options for audio devices would disappear (turn into “No audio devices found”), and then come back after a while.

This happens with my connection to the Pi2AES via Moode on wifi, the PiCorePlayer via LMS on wifi, AND playing through the local device. I know its not the wifi devices because i can still play music through them with apple music via airplay to them through the router (not using roon), and even the local device plays music fine through qubuz or vlce or whatever without crashing. it’s just roon not working, for some reason it crashes no matter what device its playing through

What gives!? sorry super frustrated. Ironically i just told people how stable roon has been for a while yesterday…Now its back to its broken state.

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Same problem here. My iPhone never failed to work as a remote until my 880 update today.

Luckily I can use my Lumin app to play music until Roon fixes this nightmare for many users.

Same problem with Roon behaving erratically with connected devices. See this screen recording: Roon 1.8 erratic behaviour connected devices - YouTube
All other apps work fine with the devices, except for Roon after the update.

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this is very similar to my experience. Except mine happens when im playing music. it’s also not consistent on exactly how long before it craps out. generally it happens between 2 mins to 5 min, so occassionally i’ll make it in to the second song before im interrrupted, which makes this basically unusable. =(

Update. I might have managed to fix it. Time will tell. At least I can listen to more than a song at a time now. I think the culprit was something to do with firewalls. TLDR; I reset all my Roon cores firewall and it seems to work again .

Full steps of what I did:

  • uninstall / reinstall / restart Roon
  • loaded backup from before update
  • turn core firewall off then on
  • added Roon to the firewall exceptions
  • quit and restarted Roon
  • opened up remote Roon apps on iOS, select connect to different core
  • now it seems to work again.

Hope this helps someone out


Hey @Eric_Sung we’re so sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this, we truly appreciate your patience.

I see that you were able to get Roon up and running properly after completing the steps listed in your latest reply - are things still running smoothly or are you in need of any further assistance?

Thanks so much!

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