Broken Core Screen, can't shift core

Here’s an unexpected problem.

My Roon Core MacBook Pro dropped off my nightstand and the screen is broken, only odd colored lines.

I want to shift my Core from it to my iPad, but can’t use the broken Core screen to authorize this shift.

Any suggestions or work arounds?

Can the core run on an iPad?
As for the screen, you may need to attach an external one temporarily?

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Core won’t run on an iPad. Roon Remote will run on an iPad and in this case that’s what you need to move your Core to a new machine.

You don’t need your MacBook to change Cores. Once you find a suitable machine (i.e. Windows, macOS, Linux, ROCK, Nucleus), bring up Core on it and when asked un-authorize the MacBook.

If you have a Settings==>Backup that is accessible by your new Core, do a Restore to your new Core. If you don’t, do a Backup on your old Core before you un-authorize it.


If you intend to run the complete Roon package on whatever machine you move Core to, then you don’t even need an iPad.

OTOH, just because your screen is broken, does that mean you Core won’t run on it? You probably could keep running Core on the MacBook and control it with an iPad.


To all who have responded, thanks for your input. I have an older MacBook Pro which I will now use as my Core until my broken screen is repaired on the newer model. I realized after I asked for suggestions that my iPad can’t act as a Core, only a slave when the Core is online with Roon. Again Many thanks for helping solve my issue. Doug


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