Broken link download linux package

When I try to download the Linux package armv7hf my browser can’t find the file.

Odd. It works here (downloading via a browser displays the shell script in the browser). It works here with both Edge and IE11 browsers.

To install Roonbridge on Raspbian, I just used Putty to run the commands listed later in that Knowledgebase article. Didn’t bother with downloading the script in the browser in the end.

Tried both Firefox and Chrome. No sigar.
Did it by hand eventually form the url which is in the install script.

Why by hand you ask? :slight_smile:
Because my RPI2 with fresh Jessie crashes my network/router every time it tries to download.

Now runs but then crashes my network…

Hmm. Works here with Chrome as well. Something else must be going on… Good luck.