Broken up sound when using Audioengine Bluetooth

I have an AudioengineB1 for bluetooth connection. There is also a PSDAUDIO Dac III. Nothing has changed in my system, but all of sudden Roon is chopping up the sound and making it sound twice as fast. There is no problem playing with MediaMonkey or Youtube.

Any ideas?

Hello @Edward_Deptula,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. Just to make sure I understand the issue correctly, the sound is choppy on both your Audioengine and PSAudio Endpoints, correct?

  • Have you tried rebooting your Roon Core, DACs and Networking equipment to see if the issue is resolved that way?
  • Is Exclusive Mode enabled for those endpoints? If it isn’t, can you try enabling it and see if the same issue occurs?
  • Can you please provide more information regarding your Core? Model/Manufacturer and general specifications?
  • How is the PSAudio connected to the Core, via USB or something else?
  • If you are connecting the PSAudio DAC to the AudioEngine, does the same issue occur when you bypass the AudioEngine and have the PSAudio connected directly via USB?

Please let me know your response to the above questions when possible.



I have rebooted everything several times.

Exclusive mode has always been enabled.

The Core is an HP 64bit windows 10 with 2T of storage. Use bluetooth to connect to the audioengine which then goes to the DAC and then to the amp. It has been set up that way for the last six months without a problem. My furniture configuration does not allow for a direct connection from the core to the DAC.

If I switch the output to my headphone amp running from usb to a small music streemer dac to the headphone amp, everything is fine.

Media Monkey on the same system plays without a problem. So do Youtube and Groove Music.


Hello @Edward_Deptula,

I have moved your private message back to the main thread, generally speaking replying here will ensure that the information is visible and staff can chime in where needed, here is the link to the thread if you are communicating over email (Broken up sound when using Audioengine Bluetooth).

You mention that you can’t remove the Bluetooth Audio Engine from the equation, would it not be possible to temporarily connect the DAC on a forward facing USB port from your computer just for testing purposes? Seeing if if the setup works without the AudioEngine and Bluetooth in the mix would be a great data point.

Have you updated any firmware recently for either of your Endpoints or the Router? If you access your Device Setup Page in Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel button next to Endpoint -> Device Setup -> Show Advanced, can you post a screenshot of what you see? The page should look like this:

If you by any chance have the option to enable “Work around devices that misreport capabilities”, can you please give that setting a try if you have it and then verify if anything changes? I would also try disabling your Core computer’s Bluetooth Adapter and then re-enabling it in your Windows Settings to see if that makes any change here. Please let me know your findings.


Hi. It sounds like you are feeding a 44.1 signal to a 48k device and isn’t dealing with it well. As the native output of the B1 is 48/24 then you could make sure Roon converts everything to that prior to feeding the B1. I had a similar issue with an Android TV box and it worked OK fed 48k but did the speeding up thing with CD (44k).

Sorry it took so long to reply. I went in and removed the “Exclusive” option, then everything was fine. When I restored the “Exclusive” option, everything still worked fine.

Hello @Edward_Deptula,

Glad to hear that everything is working as expected now! Thanks again for contacting support and I wish you a enjoyable listening experience :headphones:


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