Brooklyn Bridge Uncertified

Hi all,

Does anyone know when this will be fixed in roon? As far as I can tell everything is working but it’s annoying to see this message in red every day and to have the generic speaker icon for my device.:slight_smile:

What version of the BB firmware are you running? I get the same thing in version v1.1. I’m just sorry that I did not check this before upgrading from v1.0. It’s possible that the initial v1.0 was certified, but this new firmware requires recertification.

That said, I’d be a little surprised if v1.0 were ever certified, as it clearly had a bug or two when working with Roon.

v1.1 here also, that’s the version it came with so I don’t have any v1.0 experience.

Unfortunately I upgraded from v1.0 today, and never noticed your post until now. So while I don’t recall the problems mentioned in your OP, I gotta admit I’m not the most observant. So I just don’t know if this is a v1.1 issue.

Anyone out there running v1.0? And is so, what are you seeing?


Hello @nycenglish and @scolley,

The Mytek Brooklyn Bridge has not yet received its Roon Ready certification. We continue to work with Mytek and hope to have things wrapped up soon!


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Thanks John!

Thanks for the clarification, John.

Hi John, how come the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge is listed on the Roon website as a Roon Ready network player under the “Partners” section. Has it now been certified as Roon Ready?

Hello @Richard_Lane,

The Mytek Brooklyn Bridge is in the final stages of Roon Ready certification. Our QA lab has signed off on their release candidate firmware. We’re coordinating with Mytek to ensure that all of the marketing, support, and infrastructure assets are in place for launch.