Brooklyn noise when connected to USB

i have been tracking noise coming out the speakers until i have found it comes from the USB cable. The noise is absolutly awful if i rise the gain on the amplifier.
I have replaced the Mytek cable just to test but it does not fix the problem.

Noise is there even with Brooklyn in standby.

This is really a bad thing because USB adds some intersting features.

Has anyone experienced this using USB?
My unit is a Brooklyn Bridge.

What’s your source, I use a PC to send music to my Dac, and I’ve always liked the USB interface, it’s just that a PC is a horrible noise source.

Are you using a PC for your source?

I am using Roon, so, yes, the PC is there at the other end of the usb cable.
It is a dedicated pc, just for Roon.
The USB cable is the recommended Mytek way to output music from PC, and it is actually the only way to achieve DSD256 for instance. Other than this, the Mytek control panel would not work unless usb is connected.

Try a different USB port on the computer

Already done! :frowning: No luck.

I can’t say for sure what your issue is, but a PC is known noise source, a USB cable sends digital information form the source to the target, but it also sends power, and the PC can pass along nose over the power line. I’ve been using my PC attached via USB for many years, using a Sonore microRendu USB Isolator, which filters out the nose. Here’s a link to just one of the many USB isolators you could try out:

I also noticed there is a microRendu General Thread: microRendu General Thread

Also if possible, I just recently switched away from USB, not that there is anything wrong, but I’m now using the Ethernet cable to communicate to my Roon Ready Dac, thus if your target Dac is Roon Ready, you may have an even better option available.

I would suspect a faulty or badly implemented USB port on the NUC (or possibly on the Brooklyn, I guess). Perhaps you can test it by using a different connection. USB2 is inherently noisy, so it may in any case be worth considering alternatives.
Can you try a network connection with the USB cable removed?