Browse artists in Tidal?

Hi -

I must be missing something obvious. I signed up for a tidal trial today, and signed in through the Roon interface.

I would like to browse the artists available in Tidal, to select albums to add to my Roon library.

I selected Tidal from the menu, but don’t see any way to browse by artist. I did select some genres and added those to my library, so I’ve got some Tidal albums in my library, but I want to find more.



You should be able to search by the Artists name after you click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of Tidal within Roon.

I was looking more for a list to browse rather than a targeted search…

No such browse feature in Tidal or Spotify. I presume because there are just too many to list in any accessible way. 40 million tracks means millions of artists…

Fair point :smiley:

I will dig around the genres