Browse by instrument

Is it possible to browse tracks by instrument based on the album/track credits?

Or, better yet, browse compositions?

Not that I’m aware of.

The compositions browser features a column called “Instrumentation”. As we’re talking about compositions here, the instrumentation belongs to the composition as such and does not cover special (other/cross-over) performances or soloists. While a great deal of classical content might have information in this field, there are also gaps. This filed is most likely empty for non-classical content. As of a bug in Roon’s current heuristic instrumentation detection algorithm, this filed may also contain many plain wrong entries.

Keep in mind that what you’re asking for has a high chance of missing a great part of tracks or compositions as tracks credits as well as compositions instrumentation are often empty/not detailed enough. Additionally for track credits; they may also be overly detailed, listing any instrument that was used, ans thus mask the interesting/special occurrences you may be looking for (searching for Guitar in Heavy Metal tracks will not show the tracks with remarkable soli or riffs only).

Update: Feel free to change the category of this post to Feature Request (use the pencil right of the title) if you think that this should be/become one.

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Thanks for the reply, it’s been really helpful.

I will change to Feature Request since I’d love to see this sort of filtering become further integrated.

I can’t see any way to filter compositions based on the instrumentation, is there one?

Just use the filter funnel that’s present on most columns in the compositions browser.

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Thanks for that info.

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