Browse favorite album in iOS and Android app

Hi, how do I browse to my favorite albums in the android and ios app? In the windows app I browse to albums and select the heart/favorite button and all my favorite albums show up but this option is not there in the ios and androis app. Thx in advance.

I run core 1.3 build 262 64b on Ubuntu 16.04.3 lts, roon v1.3 build 262 64b on windows10 pc, roon app v1.3 build 262 on android 8 oreo

AFAICS, favourites are available on the desktop and tablet apps, but not on the phone app.

You can probably make them accessible anyway by pressing the heart in album view in the desktop or tablet app and create a bookmark. The bookmark will be accessible from the phone app as well.

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Thanks, that helps.

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