Browse Label In Roon from Tidal

Example: I search dischord records. Great. Roon sees that the label exists and is the top result. I click on that and thats where the fun stops. It only shows the two albums that are in my library. I would like to browse other artists and albums on that label but cannot. It ONLY shows what I have added to my library.

from my limited experience, Roon seems to be all about the library you have and not so much the library you are looking to build and grow. The discover section seems to be less about actual discovery and more about “hey listen to some stuff you have in your library that you have not listened to in a while”. Should be called rediscovery.

Radio is actually pretty good though for the purpose of discovery.

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I’d have thought that this is correct behaviour. For example, if you search for EMI, you’d probably have hundreds of thousands of results if the it wasn’t limited to your library. This label accounts for around 10% of my entire library.

Other search results–artists, tracks, albums etc.-- do deliver results from outside your library. Discover is about the connections between artists, performers, composers, labels, genres etc. in your library.

I’d agree that Radio is fantastic for music discovery.

I would like the ability to browse record label catalogs that are not in your library. Something like you get with focus so that you can view and filter records by year of release would be great.


The thing with me is that new music discovery is what I crave. At 38 I feel like I have heard it all. I understand that nothing can be further from the truth, but that is how it feels sometimes. The thing is that from time to time I get exposed to a brilliant album or artist I have not heard before. At this point, Roon seems to lean towards making your library, as it is, a more organized and pleasurable experience. If there could be just a few more tools in place to expose oneself to what is out there in some meaningful way then it would be off the chain.

Roon Radio May be your friend, but getting involved in live music was my saviour as there are so many great, and I mean truly great independent artists out there to discover once you find your local live scene.

I agree with the OP - if something is in my library it’s already “discovered” (I don’t mean to sound snarky)
Since Roon sees my Tidal account why can’t I browse Tidal by label?
I was hoping roon would offer this feature which is sorely lacking in Tidal.

If you want to know what I am looking for check how Apple Music has curated the ECM catalogue - it can be filtered by artist, decade, etc. really brilliant and I don’t see anything like it in Roon. But I’m very new to this and I may be missing something?

Roon should integrate both Tidal and Qobuz in a way that works, perhaps limiting the initial number of hits and allowing one to expand from there. Roon is missing some real opportunities to expand the listening experience for users that have Tidal or Qobuz.

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Works great for me…

Not in the context of this thread.

Moreover - if I ‘discover’ an artist I first see my library album, then all other albums with said artist. I would like to see the same with labels.

OP here. I have deleted Roon. I have a year sub but did not see the need to keep it after using it for a couple of months. Integration, with Tidal at least, was not great. I was hoping to put the tidal apps away, but found myself having to go back to Tidal for housekeeping because Roon somehow made a local version of the playlist that would not jive with the app. Discovery was better done on the Tidal app. In the end I quit Tidal as well. I kept my Apple Music sub the whole time and found myself using that more than anything. I found that a good recording and mastering transcends kbps. My first love is vinyl anyway so this stuff is more about blasting some jams while I am cooking, partying, cleaning, working on my bike or car, you know… doing something else while the music plays. Vinyl is when I close my eyes and lean in. Cheers.