Browse Library Maps

Is it possible to browse my library on map level in my collection?
Now only album, artist, genre etc.

If you mean by folders then no.

Sorry. Folders is the correct word. So there is no focus on folders

No it’s a design decision by roon.

What does folders give you what metadata, playlists and tags can’t deliver?

The only reason for folders is to locate the source so i can clean up. Not only in the library but also on my nas folder

If you look under the versions tab you can see the file path - I don’t know if that helps you

You can filter by file path on the Tracks page, if that helps.

Super. Thanks. Within versions i see duplicates. So i can cleannup.

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You can also view all your duplicates at once by using Focus on the albums page:

Thanks. Very usefull.

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How did you get the custom colours ?

Check out: Themes

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