Browser settings not sync'ed between Remote and Core

Documenting a issue or feature, not sure which. Everything I have done/changed on Roon remote (new IPAD) is immediately reflected on the core and vis-versa. The only exception is I have found are the general setting for Browsing options. Setting them on the core does not set them on the Remote - you have to set them on the remote independently. Depending on what you want and are expecting and want, this could be considered a bug or a feature. I would opt to call it a feature - but apparently undocumented -))

It’s definitely intentional :slight_smile:

Are there any other setting between the Core and Remote that do not propagate?

On another topic, the Windows ALT-spacebar and then N which minimizes the active window isn’t handled correctly by Roon. The control does min Roon, but it also pauses play (ie. Alt+Spacebar pauses play). Not sure this is worth a new topic.

A default to one profile is one that I have seen not consistent …sometimes when stalling a new remote I get my wife’s profile (the 2nd profile created) as the selected one and other times I get mine.